Our Approach

We are committed to exploring responsibly, safely and transparently. Our goal is to integrate social, environmental and safety practices into everything we do. Improving our processes and solving problems is a foundation of our approach.

Our Commitment

Social Responsibility

Inmet Finland Oy is committed to working responsibly and transparently with local residents, stakeholders, municipalities and partner organisations. As part of First Quantum, we commit to benefitting the local communities in which we work, we always strive to ensure our work supports local services and people. This includes meeting regularly with all parties to keep them informed of our progress and proposed exploration works.

Inmet Finland Oy is part of the Finnish Network of Sustainable Mining. Its latest annual social responsibility report can be found here.

We seek to reduce the impacts of our exploration efforts through direct consultation with reindeer herding groups, local associations, private landowners and feedback from municipalities and public who visit our stakeholder sessions. All feedback is welcomed.

Environmental Responsibility

We commit to preserving the environment for the future, minimising our impact at all stages of exploration and conducting thorough rehabilitation after completing our work. We aim to use the latest, most responsible technology solutions in all our exploration programs. We respect natural reserves and ensure our programs are designed accordingly to minimise any potential impact.

Safety Policies

We have high internal standards regarding health and safety, only using contractors that meet our strict standards. Our company subscribes to the Equator Principles and aims to meet ISO 14001 standards. We have various reporting protocols for both safety and environmental hazards identification, awareness and training.


We support local contractors, including:

Scandinavian Geopool AB (Geological and tenement support)
Aurora Exploration Services (Geological consulting)
Palsatech Oy (Field and logistical support)
Radai Oy (Airborne Geophysics)
GRM Oy (Geophysical measurements)
Moreenityö Mäcklin Oy (BoT Drilling)
Oy Kati AB (Diamond Drilling)
Arctic Drilling Company (Diamond Drilling)


First Quantum recognise our obligation to extract resources responsibly, while supporting local communities and businesses.

Our Sustainability Strategy is part of everything we do.